Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Our Guarantee
We will inspect every piece ensuring all items meet our strict quality control criteria.
For Napkins we ensure that the entire piece is in Pristine condition, no holes or stains, and an even shade match
For table cloths we inspect every piece, viewing one whole side of the cloth as it passes through our folding machine, ensuring one side is in Pristine condition for your table top, no holes or stains, and an even shade match. We can inspect both sides for a 15% surcharge (but your only using one side, so why pay more?)
In the unlikely event that you receive an item that doesn't meet these criteria, we will endeavor to deliver a replacement free of charge (time permitting). If we're unable to deliver a replacement, the said item will be inspected upon return and a refund issued.
With four weeks notice we'll supply any of our colours in any of our sizes (if non standard/non stock items, a surcharge may apply, and payment in full will be required at time of order)
SOS Pack - as an option we will supply, up to 10% of the order value, extra linen in a separate pack. Upon the return of the unopened SOS pack, we will issue a full refund of the SOS pack. If the Pack is opened, no refund will be made.

ORDERS - Linen orders can be placed by telephone or email. All orders will be confirmed by telephone or email
A contract is formed between Snow White Laundries Ltd, Clarence Road, Pontypool, NP48AZ ("us") and you (hirer) when we confirm by telephone or email that your order has been accepted. For retail customers, orders will not be accepted until we receive authorisation of your credit card payment, your cheque has been cleared, or a cash payment made.

Payment - For retail customers ordering within one week of the hire date the full order value is required at the time of order. In all other cases retail customers will be required to pay a minimum of 50% of the total amount due by you to us at the time the order is placed. The balance of the contract price (including delivery charge if special arrangements have been made) shall then be due for payment no later than 7 working days prior to the linen being dispatched to you if paying by credit/debit card or 10 working days prior to dispatch to you if paying by cheque. If the balance payment is not received by the agreed dispatch date we reserve the right to withdraw our acceptance of your order. Payment by cash can be arranged in advance or upon delivery of the order. If the cash payment is not ready at the time of delivery, the order will not be delivered. We will re-deliver the order on the grounds the payment will be made, in this instance a delivery charge will be applied. For cash payments, a deposit of 50% of the order value is required, refundable after full return of the linen.

For trade and account customers, a discount will be applied to the unit price, negotiated and agreed between the hirer and Snow White Laundries.
Account Customers - For the first order the standard payment terms apply (see above). Credit facilities can be arranged provided satisfactory credit references are supplied. Terms are strictly 21 days and payable by direct debit. For failed direct debits a 15% surcharge will apply.

Cancellations/Reductions - Cancellation of entire orders of standard/in stock items, within 7 days of the delivery date will incur a 50% hire charge.
Reductions in qty of the original order within 7 days of delivery date will incur a 50% charge for each item reduced.
For standard/in stock items there will be no charge for orders cancelled up to 7 days before the delivery date. For non-stock items there will be no refund for cancelled or reduced orders. In the case of non-stock items Snow White Laundries ltd will inform the hirer and request payment in full before ordering.

Ownership - All linen remains the property of Snow White Laundries Ltd and at no time shall title pass to you.

Delivery/Collection - Delivery and collection will be made by a Snow White Laundries approved courier.
If the hirer requires a delivery or collection at a specific time, an additional delivery/collection charge will apply.

All linen shall be delivered with a delivery note, returns note and sufficient "Pristine Shades" laundry hampers. These items must be kept and used to return your order. You will be required to inspect and sign for the linen at the time of delivery. In the unlikely event of any discrepancies to the order, the hirer must notify us within 2 hours of delivery, any longer than this and the goods will be deemed to have been delivered in a correct and serviceable condition.

The linen remains your responsibility from the time it has been delivered as set out above until it has been collected. You should therefore make every effort to ensure the linen is kept dry and in a secure place.

Before the courier arrives to make a collection, we recommend that you count linen for your own piece of mind and place the linen into the "Pristine Shades" hampers provided. Do not overfill the hampers and ensure that the linen is fully protected by hampers. The courier will only collect linen that is correctly placed into "Pristine Shades" hampers ready for collection, any linen that isn't ready for collection, or deemed incorrectly bagged will be left with the hirer and considered the responsibility of the hirer, and still on hire incurring a 15% daily surcharge for the said items.
Delivery and collection will require a signature from the hirer. Failed deliveries and/or collections, will result in additional courier costs.
Upon return, the linen will be inspected by Snow White Laundries Ltd,

Missing Stock - Customers shall be notified of missing stocks by email or by telephone. We will charge 15% of the hire cost per missing item, (including laundry hampers) per day until the current purchase cost of that item is met. If the item is returned after the replacement cost is met, we will refund 50% of additional hire charges, with 50% covering the lost hire income.
If you wish to hold your hired linen for more than the contract period, a 15% surcharge will be added to every item for each additional day the stock is held, and additional courier charges applied for the consequent collection
Mildew - Damp linen will quickly cause mildew that will ruin the linen, therefore ensure the linen is left to dry before being packed into hampers. A full replacement charge will be made for any cloth that is damaged beyond repair by mildew.
Damage to Linen - Linen in your care shall remain your responsibility at all times. Where linen is returned badly mildewed, stained or damaged in any way, we shall have the right to charge you the replacement cost. We will allow you 7 days to view the damaged linen at our premises, after which the linen will be condemned.
Linen Returned Unused - There will be no Refund / Credit for any linen that is returned unused.

In placing on order online or over the phone you agree to the terms and conditions